Vol. 1, No. 2: Spring 2021

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Though all set in worlds settling into the long decline of the fossil fuel age, the stories collected in this issue of New Maps could, in many ways, scarcely be more different. A tale of espionage, scheming, and new friendships. A night of quiet but life-altering reflection. An international negotiation that threatens world-shaping consequences. A left-behind man’s pursuit of a comically misguided vendetta. A story from long ago, called up for the grandchildren. These visions of the deindustrial world are joined by new book reviews, thoughts on imagining the world ahead, and more. Dig in and begin to see how many different futures the future may hold.


Introduction   iv
Letters   v
Essays & Reviews    
A Deindustrial State of Mind Nathanael Bonnell 3
Book Reviews   10
Tug of War Karen Mandell 17
Classified G. Kay Bishop 35
The Night Before Joel Caris 51
Gog and Magog Jibril Stevenson 71
Sacrificial Gasoline Brian M. Milton 79