Vol. 2, No. 3: Summer 2022

Marvel at technological miracles: Your consciousness uploaded to Cloud 9! Autonomous transport pods! Time travel, and not just at the usual speed! Plus more … And watch amazed as each of them doesn’t solve all the world’s problems! This issue of New Maps sees the unexpected high-tech possibilities of the deindustrial future coming to the fore: in the forests of Oregon, on the highway across a fractured western U.S., in a research facility buried deep under Texas, and in a metaverse near you. As well, excellent stories of lower-tech futures, including a pirate’s bargain, a frightening new breed of successful youngster, and a fresh idea for political representation. These are joined by Cheap Thrills and two new columnists, as well as letters and a new community-contributed feature. There’s a lot new to see, even besides the futuristic inventions: check it out!


Introduction   iv
Letters   1
Essays & Reviews    
Cheap Thrills: Stream Foraging Justin Patrick Moore 7
These Haunted Ruins:
Religion in the Deindustrial Age
Violet Bertelsen
Perspectives on Energy: The Electrification
of the Transportation Sector
David England
Field Notes Contributed by readers 25
The Letters and Numbers Man Daniel Crawford 29
The Price Dawn Vogel 46
In the Trees Joshua Mertz 48
Autonomy Anthony St. George 57
Alliance Catherine McGuire 72
Void David England 84
The Sleepers Awake A.D. Watts 91