Vol. 2, No. 1: Winter 2022

See how similar starting points lead to entirely different worlds. Three young people want to leave their communities — but one must contend with a domineering father, one will find her destiny bound up with a strange fairy tale, and another will get a wholly unexpected chance at adventure. Two different stories raise the sobering possibility of a reinstitution of slavery — one following a man on a slave rescue mission, one examining the self-satisfaction of those in power. As well, find the story of an emperor’s meal, told by the chef; and an outing of a bike gang who, in their estimation, are doing the community a great service: all of which also goes to show how much depends on who’s telling the story.

Rounding out the issue, the Circuit Rider continues his ride, and letters are joined by reviews and an exploration of flânerie. There are a lot of ways to see the deindustrial future: find some of them here in New Maps.


Introduction   v
Letters   1
Essays & Reviews    
Cheap Thrills: Walking in the Drift Justin Patrick Moore 7
Ship Breaker and The Drowned Cities:
Living When Lives Are Cheap
Nathanael Bonnell
Sundries & Episodes    
The Circuit Rider, Ep. 3: Bad Seed David Littlehale 21
Coming Clean G. Kay Bishop 29
The Sea Tower Taylor Zajonc 35
Yara Pierre Magdelaine 47
To the Dogs Pierre Magdelaine 61
Postmodern Latifundia Roger Arevalo 63
Essential Services Wesley Stine 70
The Offering Anthony St. George 93