2021 subscriptions are expiring—renew now for 2022!

New Maps readers,

With the release of the Fall 2021 issue last month, the first year of New Maps is complete. If you subscribed starting with the first issue, like many readers, that means it’s time to renew to keep getting New Maps through 2022!

Just click below to head over to the Orders page:

Renew for 2022 Here

If you’ve already renewed, of course you’re good to go. If you’re not sure when your subscription expires, feel free to just write to to ask.

Subscriptions are a huge part of keeping New Maps going, and I’m very thankful to everyone who subscribed and ordered in the first year. I’ve had a great time putting together the first year of New Maps, and I hope you’ll join me for the second!


One further note: the first issue of 2022 is following hot on the heels of the latest issue. So if you’d like to send a letter for the bustling Letters section, please send it in (to by December 15th. (You can even respond to this email; just make sure to put “Letter” somewhere in the subject line, please.)

Thanks for your support,

Nathanael Bonnell

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The Fall 2021 issue is now available—plus dates, updates, and a sneak peek

New Maps readers,

It’s finally that time — the Fall 2021 issue is in press and should be reaching U.S. mailboxes right around the middle of the month (international subscribers will see their copies a little before or after that, depending on the country). If you’re not subscribed, now’s the time to order a copy — it will show up about the same time subscribers’ copies do.

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Fall issue dates and announcements

Readers and writers of New Maps,

The summer issue should have arrived for those of you who’ve subscribed or ordered a copy. And since it was a touch behind the usual schedule, with September now just over the horizon, the fall issue will be following it closely. So this is a quick update with dates for those of you who’d like to contribute something to it.

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Summer 2021 Issue Available


The summer issue of New Maps is now available! If you're a U.S. subscriber, your copy should show up in your mailbox around the middle of August, with dates somewhat different for international subscribers, depending on your country.

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Summer Dates and Announcements


The time is drawing near for another issue of New Maps to start coming together, and I thought I’d write a quick email about dates and other details. So!…

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Spring 2021 Issue Available


The second issue of New Maps is now available! The spring issue features five new stories that travel to a terrific breadth of different new worlds, enough to offer a sampling of how many different futures the future may hold.

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Spring Issue Announcements

With shipping update (Mar. 3). It’s hard for me to imagine when the view outside my window looks like this, but it’s almost time for me to start working on the spring issue of New Maps. Relative to that, there are a few announcements that I need to make.
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