Spring Issue Announcements

February 24, 2021

It’s hard for me to imagine when the view outside my window looks like this, but it’s almost time for me to start working on the spring issue of New Maps. Relative to that, there are a few announcements that I need to make:

  • First, if you’ve been working on a story you’d like to see in the spring issue, now is the time to put on those last few finishing touches. Story submissions for the April issue are due next Monday, March 1st.
  • The first issue’s letters section had several excellent letters that brought up thought-provoking questions, and if you’d like to respond to any of those, or if you have all new thoughts you’d like to write in about, please send in letters for the letters section by March 15th. I’m excited to build the letters section into a place for the community to trade ideas and messages, so don’t be shy!
  • Some U.S. readers who ordered issues between now and early February haven’t gotten them yet. I’ve tried to let you know if that’s you, but I’ll mention here too that those copies are on their way. The first printing sold out faster than I expected, and the second printing arrived slower than I expected, but the issue is in stock again. Update, March 3rd: Small-batch printing during rising popularity has its hazards! Some orders placed on or after March 1st may take until March 12th to ship—after which I hope to pace printing better to new readership!

If you haven’t ordered a copy of the first issue, or if you haven’t gotten a chance to open it yet, you can find a teaser with Frank Kaminski’s wonderful review of the whole issue, posted on Resilience. Check it out!

I also want to thank all of you who read and support this project. The response to the first issue has been terrific, and it seems like every time I look away from my computer screen for a moment and look back, the readership has grown again. The community that’s built and continues to build around deindustrial fiction is a wonderful group of people to work with, and I’m excited to get working on this next issue and keep turning New Maps into more and more exactly what the deindustrial fiction community wants and needs.

—Nathanael Bonnell, editor