Summer 2021 Issue Available

July 29, 2021


The summer issue of New Maps is now available! If you’re a U.S. subscriber, your copy should show up in your mailbox around the middle of August, with dates somewhat different for international subscribers, depending on your country. If you just want a copy of this issue, you can now order it at the order page.

I’m very excited to share this issue with you. Behind the scenes, much that’s interesting and new has been coming together to fill this one with surprises. This overstuffed issue sees the beginning of a regular column on entertainment in the deindustrial age, the first poem published in New Maps, and the first installment of a new episodic story of a pair of future lawkeepers. These are joined by six excellent new stories that bring us an unorthodox entrepreneur and the possible future of AI; an army officer from the Territories of Menominee under the Queen of the Eastern Canadas; a young man jarred to find himself stumbling into another world; a ragged band’s tale of terror and survival in an impenetrable forest; a young hunter out to prove his worth; and a prospective emigrant who’s faced with having to make a deal. And Nate Peltier returns with another amazing cover.

Your patience while this issue came together will, I believe, be amply rewarded, in the form of excellent stories and thoughts to fill the cool nights of the waning days of summer (or for antipodean readers, the warming nights leading to spring). Thanks for your understanding with the delay—and I hope you’ll enjoy the essay that resulted from the travels I was busy with.

Putting together this magazine continues to be an amazing project. Thank you all for being a part of it.

Happy reading,

Nathanael Bonnell