Fall issue dates and announcements

August 29, 2021

Readers and writers of New Maps,

The summer issue should have arrived for those of you who’ve subscribed or ordered a copy. And since it was a touch behind the usual schedule, with September now just over the horizon, the fall issue will be following it closely. So this is a quick update with dates for those of you who’d like to contribute something to it.

Without further ado,

  • Stories for the fall issue are due on Tuesday, September 14th. This is a little shorter notice than usual, but if two weeks won’t be enough for a project you’re working on, the winter issue will be along before you know it!
  • I’m also always happy to receive book reviews for books new and old relevant to the deindustrial age—please send these in by September 14th as well.
  • Please send in letters for the Letters section by October 1st. Letters for me (the editor) are equally as welcome as letters for the community at large—think of the Letters section as an unplugged community forum on matters large and little, for everyone interested in thinking about life at the turn of the deindustrial era.

If you’re interested in contributing any of the above, I hope to hear from you soon!

—Nathanael Bonnell Editor, New Maps