The Fall 2021 issue is now available—plus dates, updates, and a sneak peek

October 30, 2021

New Maps readers,

It’s finally that time — the Fall 2021 issue is in press and should be reaching U.S. mailboxes right around the middle of the month (international subscribers will see their copies a little before or after that, depending on the country). If you’re not subscribed, now’s the time to order a copy — it will show up about the same time subscribers’ copies do.

And to wrap up the first year, have we got a corker for you: a panoramic and vivid collection of new stories, starting with a new graphic adaptation of the journey of a bicycleman and a cell phone technician to solve their South African village’s problem. Then: a connection shared between lovers of the night sky; a surreal climb to the top of a derelict skyscraper, and a peculiar descent to the bottom of the sea; new visitors to a group living amidst the trash heaps of yesteryear; and an epic expedition through strange new landscapes and cultures in hopes of bringing new life to old lore. These together with the continuing story of the circuit rider, a column on dream foraging, new letters, and a beautiful cover by Bruna Nobrega, bring the first year of New Maps wonderfully around the circle.

The most eagle-eyed will have already noticed that this means a graphic retelling of Kieran O’Neill’s “Bicycleman Sakhile and the Cell Tower,” originally published in After Oil. This comes courtesy of Marcu Knoesen, author of 10 Billion and the adaptation of John Michael Greer’s “Winter’s Tales” from Into the Ruins (No. 10), and features great art from Bruno Chiroleu of Términus Libros. If you know the story, or even if you don’t, you’re in for a treat. But of course that’s just one of the excellent stories to be found in this issue — grab a copy and enjoy all the new worlds inside.

Year packages available, and more updates

Now that the first year of New Maps has finished, full-year packages of back issues are available for the 2021 run of the magazine. You can get four copies all at once, and save a little while you’re at it. Interested? Head over to the order page and scroll down to the Year Packages box.

And more is happening on the site:

  • There’s now a small but growing sampler page of deindustrial stories, for those who haven’t read New Maps yet and would like to find out if they want to.
  • New Maps can now be ordered to Hong Kong. Know anyone in Hong Kong? Let them know!
  • And the front page has been spruced up a bit with some pictures of the magazine.

Dates for submissions

Lastly, I’m announcing here that the winter issue’s submission deadline is December 1, 2021. If you have a story you’ve been polishing, or an idea you’ve been wanting to put down, send it in and you may see it in print as the second year of New Maps starts!

My best wishes,

Nathanael Bonnell
Editor, New Maps