An upcoming project: The Gristle story contest anthology

March 23, 2022

New Maps readers,

A quick announcement for you. As I alluded to in the beginning of the spring issue, a new project is coming from Looseleaf Publishing. This spring I’ll be working with John Michael Greer and eleven great authors to publish the winners of Greer’s Gristle writing contest.

The Gristle contest began last year, when Grist magazine — a glitzy, pseudoenvironmental outfit that hawks climate nonsolutions tuned to carefully shield the psyches of the affluent who do most of the world’s polluting — opened a contest for cli-fi stories. The stories would be set in future “intersectional worlds” in which doing non-climate-related things like using pronouns differently somehow makes up the world’s energy shortfalls and dials back the climate change thermostat.

Greer, getting wind of this — see his excellent Ecosophia post about the contest’s inherent self-contradiction — proposed a counter-contest, with the explicit goal of making fun of Grist’s silly futures. And the result will be available later this spring from Looseleaf Publishing.

This anthology — in full, The Flesh of Your Future Sticks Between My Teeth: Stories from the Gristle Cli-Fi Contest — are a hilarious and cutting mix of deindustrial and satire. If you like New Maps, or if you feel like some fun at the richly deserved expense of empty-calorie magazines like Grist, you’ll want to check this out.

There isn’t yet a link to preorder, nor an exact publication date, but keep a lookout in May for a publication announcement. Meanwhile, you can check out Greer’s own announcement of the book, with more details including the story titles and authors.


The spring issue of New Maps is coming along apace and expected to go to press in early April. If you want to write a letter for the Letters section, there’s still time — send it in by April 1 to, with “Letter” somewhere in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you!

Nathanael Bonnell
Editor, New Maps