Do Deindustrial and High-Tech Sci-Fi Mix? The Summer 2022 New Maps

August 8, 2022

New Maps readers,

“Deindustrial” and “high-tech” may appear to be mutually exclusive terms. Even I thought so. But as I began making the selections for this issue, I discovered that not just one but several stories had arrived that meant I needed to revisit that assumption. After all: the future may rhyme with the past in some pretty notable ways, but it won’t look just the same. With the technology that exists here and now in the real world, people will go interesting directions in the deindustrial future, some of which might even look awfully futuristic. Not to mention that the people currently inventing tech that’s higher than anyone needs haven’t started running out of buyers yet, and who knows what strange devices will arise before the fossil fuel bubble’s pop finally reaches the workshops of the rich, insulated as they are against the real world?

These, plus stories of lower-tech deindustrial futures more like what’s usually seen in these pages, make up the Summer 2022 New Maps. Subscribers’ copies are hitting their mailboxes now; if you’re not subscribed, you can get your copy at the order page now.

Letters and Field Notes

The Letters section, after a brief hiatus last issue, is back in swing, and has been joined by a new feature: Field Notes, a collection of reader-contributed snippets pointing out interesting waypoints on the way to the low-energy future. You can contribute to either section, either in response to letters you read or on a brand new topic. This issue’s Field Notes also sees the first reader photographs published — yours could be next! Send both letters and field notes to by September 20. (Please write “Letter” or “Field Note” somewhere in the subject line.)

Inflation Reaches Bayfield

As we all know, everything everywhere is getting more expensive; for New Maps, what matters here is that shipping costs have been jumping dramatically. So I’ve had to hike the price of a subscription in the U.S. and some other countries by a few dollars. There is good news, though; a new print-on-demand facility has opened in Australia, making subscription prices in Australia and New Zealand actually go down. (I’ve put this into effect just after the Summer issue went to print, so the price on the back of it will, unfortunately, be inaccurate for internet orders.)

And Stay Tuned

… for another update soon on preordering the Gristle cli-fi parody anthology coming later this month. Trust me, it’s both thought-provoking and hilarious.

Happy reading,

Nathanael Bonnell