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We can describe New Maps from lots of different angles with all sorts of different words. But ultimately there’s nothing like picking up a copy off the shelf and thumbing through for a little while to find out if it’s what you’re interested in.

Since this is the internet, we’ll have to offer this humble substitute for a copy to thumb through. Here are a few stories, made available by permission of the authors. If you like what you see, grab a subscription and join the New Maps community. Each issue has about 5 to 8 stories plus book reviews, columns, and more.

(N.B.: This page is young; as it grows, more stories will gradually be added, so check back later for more.)

The No-Account
by Chuck Masterson
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A young bureaucrat-in-training from the city-state of Pixburgh journeys into the scantly-charted hills to the south. He’s on a diplomatic mission, but will find that the people he’s come to visit have at least as much to teach him as he thought he was coming to offer.

Rhyme and Reason
by Pierre Magdelaine
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An itinerant entomologist is pursuing a possible lead on a pollinating wasp thought to have gone extinct when most of the bees did. Before long she’ll find herself searching for something she never expected to go looking for.